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make me choose  andysmcnally asked: mcswarek or caskett

Dear Rick, I don’t know how much time I have even to write this letter. What I do know now is that I’m in this and the only way I’m gonna make it out alive is to see this through. I’m sure everyone is looking for me and if they figure out I was here CSU’s is gonna search this house. They’re gonna look for blood and they will find it, which will lead them to this letter. Babe, it’s your letter and I hope you never have to read this - that I can tell you all of these things in person, but if something happens and I don’t make it I need you to know that our partnership, our relationship is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You’re an amazing man and I love you with all of my heart. Always.

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”There’s definitely magic here”

Just replace the word “magic” with “vagina”…



"What about our magic?”

Your magic and my magic combined are stronger”

"You can train me how to use my magic

"Use your magic

"Your magic has so much potential and you’ve been wasting it”





for the rest of my life whenever i see this color i’ll be reminded of all the hours i wasted on the internet


I feel like I’ll paint a wall that color when I own a house just so I can hang photos on it and call it my dashboard

that’s actually not such a bad idea

SWEN roll call

Hi, I’m Camille, 18yo, from France. And I ship SwanQueen

SwanQueen fandom


Proud wife Regina likes it.

Ps: Her hands lol


Regina goes missing and they need to find her, so Belle (resident magic person, now, is that what’s going on?) says, “Okay, we need something of hers.” 

And Emma sighs, and pulls out her own heart. “Here. This belongs to Regina, this should help us find her.”